Mini Digger Hire in Dublin Our Guide

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mini digger for hire at Hire Here Dublin

Mini and micro diggers for hire
South Circular Road Dublin

We have a range of Kubota mini and micro diggers which are suitable for both small commercial site-work and domestic use.  These diggers are ideal for foundations, driveways, landscaping urban gardens and excavating earth.

Our plant hire diggers are compact and reliable machines which can be easily transported to any location in Dublin.

micro digger 1 tonne

This digger is ideal for narrow work areas or where space is limited.  The roll over protective top can be folded down for transporting under doorways or onto trucks.  The track gauge can be widened or narrowed hydraulically, allowing the user to work in a variety of locations with the same machine.

micro digger 1 tonne for hire at Hire Here Dublin
For more information about hiring this digger see the product page on our main website

mini digger 1.5 tonne

This is our medium sized mini digger for hire.  It is 3.6 metres in length and .9 metres wide and has a  rollover protective structure and a seat belt.  For  more information about this digger see our website

mini digger 3 tonne

This is our largest sized mini digger excavator.  It is 4.5 metres in length, 2.4 metres high and 1.5 metres wide with a ground clearance of .2 metres. Like our other Kubota mind diggers it has a rollover protective structure and a seat belt.

mini digger 3 tonne for hire at Hire Here Dublin
Find out more about this digger on our website

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Hire Here Customer Reviews

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Hiring a machine or power tool can be a big decision. If you have not hired from us before , take a look at what some of our customers have to say. We love to hear from our customers so dont forget to review us on Google+

Recent comments on our Facebook Page

Our Santa Grotto at Woodstown December 2016 even made the Garda Social Media pages



Hire Here Google+ Customer Review January 2017Hire Here Google+ Customer Review June 2016

Hire Here Google+ Customer Review July 2016Hire Here Google+ Customer Review December 2015

Irish Construction News In Brief May 2016

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Hire Here Dublin Irish Construction News in Brief May 2016

Our round up of interesting articles including the latest Ulster Bank Construction Purchasing Managers’ Report and an App for building sites

Ulster Bank Construction Purchasing Managers’ Report April 2016

The latest Ulster Bank Construction Purchasing Managers’ Report has been released this week.  While there has been a decline in the pace of growth from the high figures in February, new orders and employment are still rising but at a slower rate.

Commenting on the survey, Simon Barry, Chief Economist Republic of Ireland at Ulster Bank, noted that: “Irish construction activity continues to grow at a solid, albeit slower, pace according to the latest results.  Sentiment in April rose to its second-highest level in the survey’s history as more than two-thirds of respondents anticipates further gains in activity in the coming twelve months.”

Three categories of construction are included in the survey. These are housing, commercial and civil engineering.   Of the three, civil engineering performed the worst, with activity rising at the slowest pace.  Housing activity continued to grow at the sharpest pace.

In the categories which had a growth in activities, this growth was linked to the signing of new contracts and the subsequent hiring of new staff for these contracts.

There was a noted reduction in the use of sub-contractors In the Irish Construction Industry this month and a decline in the availability of sub-contractors.


PMI Index construction activity april 2016

Image compiled by Markit


American Safety Stand Down Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction

The United States Department of Labour are running their construction safety campaign this week.  Its called Stand Down and it aims to prevent construction fatalities and falls. Construction firms are encouraged to “stand down” for a few minutes during the working day to have an informal chat or safety demonstration with workers.

Construction Dive have put together this short safety quiz as part of the campaign.  Have a go at their safety quiz




Apps for the Construction Industry

Heres a great App we found, which calculates how much concrete and rebar are needed for a job. Called Fast Concrete Pad Calculator and available on ITunes, this handy App calculates amount concrete and rebar needed and the costs as well as waste and additional costs.  You can then email the information to yourself or to a contractor.

Fast Concrete Pad Calculator App on Itunes

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How To Use A Lawn Aerator

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How To Use A Lawn Aerator

Using a Lawn Aerator 6 Simple Steps

Step 1 Do I need to use a lawn aerator?

  1. Does water not soak through your lawn?
  2. Is your grass not looking its best, with a lot of thatch or heavy organic matter?
  3. Does your lawn get heavy use, ie a lot of foot traffic?

If you answered yes, then your lawn will benefit from using a lawn aerator. Just make sure that you have not seeded the lawn in the last year.

Step 2 Before you aerate the lawn

A few days before you intend to aerate the lawn, water the grass.  This will help the machine as it is best to use it on soft turf.

Step 3 Choose the right tines for the type of aeration you need

If you have too much thatch in your grass, put the hollow core tines on the machine. These will pull up plugs of thatch and soil and give the grass room to breathe

If you lawn is too compacted and water cannot soak through, put the solid spike tines on the machine.  This will improve drainage by loosening the soil and will allow the root system to grow.

Step 4 Using the machine

Use the lawn aerator the same way as a lawn mower.  Make sure to overlap the wheel footprint.  It is best to make multiple passes over an area as the machine will only cover a small area of the grass on each pass.

Using a Lawn Aerator

Step 5 What to do with the soil plugs

If you are use the hollow core tines the machine will leave the soil plugs on the grass after each pass.  If you want to remove them, don’t run over them with the machine wheels.  The plugs may be left on the lawn after aeration or they can be removed and put in a compost bin. Either way they break down after about 2 weeks.

Step 6 After aerating your lawn

Give your lawn a good feed of fertilizer and water.
An optional extra is to spread sand over the lawn to fill in the holes.

We have a top quality Camon / Tracmaster Lawn Aerator for hire in the Dublin and Leinster area.
Contact us for more information

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