Mortar Gun
Mortar Gun
Mortar Gun
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Mortar Gun used for repointing walls and replacing mortar  

User Friendly Features:

  • Easy mortar loading simply twist off the barrel, top load, twist and your back to work.
  • Patented robust finger operated trigger feed and return featuring instant pressure release.
  • Fast accurate placement of mortar.
  • Excellent penetration of mortar into each joint for long leak free service.
  • A larger than most 1 1/3 quart barrel (1.4 litre) that can be used to its full capacity.
  • Ease of use on floors, walls and in tight corners.
  • Designed to reduce the need to stretch or stoop.
  • Cuts mortar waste by half or more, saves cost and staining on absorptive surfaces.
  • Super fast tile clean up, mortar only where it's needed.
  • Simple twist release gives access to all mortar parts for a quick water hose clean up after use.
  • Rugged and reliable service for the professional.
  • No hinges to strain or skeleton support to rust and break.
  • Flanged and O-ring retained tips and nozzles give flexibility for use in a variety of applications.
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