Garden Chipper / Shredder - 3.5 " Petrol

Garden Chipper / Shredder - 3.5 " Petrol
Garden Chipper / Shredder - 3.5 " Petrol
Garden Chipper / Shredder - 3.5 " Petrol Garden Chipper / Shredder - 3.5 " Petrol
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Brand: Camon
Product Code: Model: C150
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This petrol chipper shredder from Camon / Tracmaster is a sturdy machine with a heavy duty blade.  It makes fast work of branches and hedge cuttings, reducing them to chippings in seconds.

The chute can handle branches up to 8cm thick while the feeder is ideal for smaller cuttings, quickly reducing them to mulch and chippings.

The discharge grill on the side of the machine can be adjusted to avoid clogging if the cuttings or branches are wet.

This machine is powered by a 13hp recoil start Honda engine.  The chipper is started by pulling slowly on the recoil starter.

Before using the machine, make sure the branches or hedge cuttings are dead and dry.  It may be necessary to trim the branches before putting through the feeder.  Depending on the type of cuttings or branches, this chipper can process over 1/3 tonne of material per hour. 

For best results, allow 2 – 3 weeks after chopping down branches to give them sufficient time to be dead. If the wood is green, it will not shred. As a simple rule of thumb, if you can snap it, you can shred it, if you can bend it, you can’t.


Engine 13hp Honda GX390 Petrol Engine
Weight 160kg
Chipping Capacity 10cm (3½")
Shredding Capacity 2cm (¾")
Chipping Blades 1
Shredding Hammers 36
Dimensions 173 x 94 x 150cm

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