Diamond Drill Vacuum Pump

Diamond Drill Vacuum Pump
Diamond Drill Vacuum Pump
€32 per day Plus VAT
€68 per week Plus VAT
Brand: Hilti
Product Code: Hilti DDVPX

Our Hilti diamond drilling vacuum pump is intended for use with Hilti vacuum fastening machines such as the Hilti DD200 drilling rig.  It is an air suction pump and is not suitable for other gasses or liquids. This drill vacuum pump should not be used in areas where there is a risk of explosion.

When using this drill vacuum pump, it should stand on a dry level surface and be properly secured.  In the case of an electricity supply failure, the vacuum will be maintained for a short time.  If this should happen, make sure to check the pressure gauges on the pump. 

Power Source Type Electric
Rated Input 650W
Rated Voltage 230V
Rated Current 3 A
A - weighted emission sound pressure level acc. EN 60745 78dB (A)
Dimensions L x W x H 365mm x 230mm x 268mm
Weight 12.4kg
Suction capacity 115 l / s
Water trap capacity 3.5 l
Max vacuum pressure 0.8 bar
Supply cord length 3 m 
Hose length 4 m


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