Hilti DD30 Diamond Core Drill
Hilti DD30 Diamond Core Drill
Hilti DD30 Diamond Core Drill Hilti DD30 Diamond Core Drill
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Anyone who’s ever used a combi-hammer to drill through concrete with rebar knows that it can be a tiring process.

The vibrations moving up through the machine into the user’s body can be very uncomfortable and you need to switch the machine between drill and combi hammer to complete the hole.

This DD 30-W diamond coring rig from Hilti makes the job of setting adhesive anchors in concrete with rebar much faster and quieter.

Once the machine has been placed in the correct location, turn on the dust suppression system. Then place a foot on the back of the rig and bear down on the front as you would with a combi-hammer.

The DD 30-W is designed to set adhesive anchors five times faster.  Due to its low noise it is suitable for areas with noise restrictions and occupied commercial and residential buildings.

When this machine is used with the Hilti water management system, 130 litres of water can be recycled up to 7 times during the working day.  The system captures waste in its filter bag making disposal as easy as dumping it in the bin.


  • Very low drilling noise, ideal for for inhabited buildings 
  • Impact-free drilling reduces the risk of damage to brittle materials
  • Fast drilling through rebar thanks to the unique TopSpin technology,  eccentric rotation at 8700 rpm provides the fastest option for diameters up to 35 mm. 
  • Soft-start feature for precise hole positioning
  • The quick-lock keyless chuck system makes changing core bits quicker and easier than ever
  • 5 times faster on rebar vs Combi-hammer
  • Much less force needed to apply vs Combi, means less physical stress for the user


  • Drilling accurate anchor holes and through holes of 8-to-35 mm in diameter
  • Drilling in heavily-reinforced concrete, masonry and natural stone
  • Drilling in brittle materials (marble, tiles, masonry, natural stone) and close to edges

This DD 30-W diamond coring rig from Hilti is suitable for various uses

Steel structure erection   Renovation in inhabitant buildings   Anchoring machinery
Installation of handrails and other    Tunnels, Bridges   Fastening baseplates and brackets
iron works on marbles, tiles, etc.   Structural upgrades, rebar (>16 mm)   Structural rebar installation

When To Use  a DD30 V a Combi 

Noise Free Drilling In An Inhabited Place

Drilling Volume V Concrete Reinforcement

Impact Free Drilling In Edges or Brittle Materials

When you need to drill more than a few holes and/or through heavy rebar, there is nothing better than DD 30-W

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