Air Poker Shaft
Air Poker Shaft
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This air driven concrete poker shaft is used for settling concrete by releasing trapped air and water. 


Vibrators are delivered without lubrication. Before starting add oil to lubricator, see below.

For safety, optimum performance and maximum durability of parts, operate with an air supply of 90 psig (6.2 bar/620 kPa). Maximum air pressure must not exceed 94 psig (6.5 bar/650 kPa).

Poker Model   VI25   V635   V645
Head diameter   28mm   35mm   45mm
Head length   253mm   280mm   320mm
Total length   2653mm   2640mm   2670mm
Total weight   3.8kg   6.0kg   8.0kg
Frequency   17000vpm   18000vpm   17000vpm
Centrifugal Force   840 N   1924 N   3500 N
Air cons   410 l/min   608 l/min   736 l/min
Sound Power   101 dB (A)   107 dB (A)   113 dB (A)
At operator pos’n   88 dB (A)   94 dB (A)   100 dB (A)
Hand-arm vibration   21.3 m/sec   3.0 m/sec   2.7 m/sec
Poker Model   V655   V665   V675
Head diameter   55mm   65mm   75mm
Head length   341mm   352mm   391mm
Total length   2700mm   2700mm   2740mm
Total weight   9.0kg   10.0kg   15.0kg
Frequency   17000vpm   18000vpm   18000vpm
Centrifugal Force   6050 N   9301 N   14851 N
Air cons   820 l/min   1018 l/min   1218 l/min
Sound Power   109 dB (A)   113 dB (A)   112 dB (A)
At operator pos’n   96 dB (A)   100 dB (A)   99 dB (A)
Hand-arm vibration   4.5 m/sec   4.4 m/sec   2.2 m/sec

Hand-arm vibration measured 1 metre from poker head

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