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Porta Nailer

Porta Nailer
Porta Nailer
Porta Nailer
Porta Nailer
Porta Nailer
Porta Nailer
Porta Nailer
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PNI's Porta Nailer line of Hardwood Flooring Nailers are the industry standard for flooring nailers and staplers used by professional wood flooring installers worldwide. Porta-Nailer features pneumatic hardwood flooring nailers as well as manual wood flooring nailers available with a shoe to fit any size wood flooring plank. Porta Nailer has been the leading manufacturer of engineered and solid wood flooring nailers for over 40 years.

This secret floor nailer is used to secure tongue and groove boards. The nailer will insert nails at an angle through the side of a board so that the nail head cannot be seen. Nails not included and available as a consumable.

Features and Specifications

  • Portable nailer designed for tongue and groove hardwood flooring
  • Quickly nails 5/8-Inch to 1-Inch tongue and groove; ram does not return until nail is seated
  • Lightweight aluminium and strong heat-treated steel parts
  • Includes extension handle, mallet and carry case; shoe accessory for thinner flooring available
  • Assembled to fit from 15mm to 25mm solid wood flooring.
  • Lightweight but robust with high duty aluminium construction
  • Comes complete with heavy duty plastic case for easy transport
  • Can be converted to face nailer with purchase of face nailing shoe
  • Self seating ensures 100% accuracy
  • Always ensures the tightest possible fit
  • 3.2 kg
  • A mylamar plastic base prevents marking of wood floor surface
  • Seat nail in one, two or three strikes, you choose, the ram does not return until the cycle is completed

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