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Floor Board Clamp

Floor Board Clamp
Floor Board Clamp
Floor Board Clamp
Floor Board Clamp
Floor Board Clamp
Floor Board Clamp
Floor Board Clamp
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Compact and robust clamp has two spring-loaded cams that straddle the joist, holding the clamp firmly in position. Turning the handle then moves the shoe forward pushing the floorboard into position.

This unique clamp is specially designed for closing gaps between floorboards before securing them in position.

Extremely robust and compact, the clamps are standard equipment for professional flooring contractors, and they are designed to provide a long and reliable service life.

The smooth operating bevel gears are fully enclosed in a solid grey iron casing for protection against dust and dirt.

Features include strong spring loaded malleable iron cams, a high quality steel main screw and drop handle, and easy portability.

Used in pairs, these clamps are easy to operate.

When they are pushed down onto the joist, the spring-loaded cams adjust automatically to create a positive grip on any joist between 38mm and 89mm 11/2in to 31/2in inches wide. The handle is then rotated to wind the shoe out against the floorboard until it is pushed fully home against the adjoining board and nailed before releasing the clamp.

Features and Specifications

  • Designed for closing up floorboards before nailing
  • Bevel gears and spring loaded cams give a positive grip on joists
  • Spring loaded cams give positive grip on joists.
  • Easily portable with bevel gears for smooth operation.
  • Body made from cast iron, shoe and cams made from S.G. ductile iron.
  • Strong location shoe for applying even force to floor boards.
  • Joist Capacity 1.1/2in - 3.1/2in.
  • Fits 75mm Joists.
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