Leak Detector Damp Scanner
Leak Detector Damp Scanner
Leak Detector Damp Scanner
€65 per day Plus VAT
€195 per week Plus VAT
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Product Code: TRAMEX

For site workers needing deep moisture scanning and leak tracing, this hand held damp and moisture detector is perfect for checking the building envelope, ie the space between the interior and exterior of the building.

It is suitable for the following

Roofing Foam Roofing Systems
Water Restoration Non-Conductive Roof Membrane
Pest Control Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems
Inspection/Surveying Non - Conductive Single Ply membranes


Why Do You Need a Deep Moisture Scanner / Detector?

Leaks and moisture are almost impossible to see between the interior and exterior of walls and roofs. The moisture or leak may be hidden or trapped on the inner side of the wall or Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems.If this moisture or leaks are not found and fixed, they will increase and could lead to rot and decay and the possible failure of the walls or roof. Wet or damp insulation does not do its job properly and as a result heat escapes from the building. Using a moisture detector to find leaks and dampness helps reduce heat loss which in turn reduces heating costs.

Dimensions 125mm x 275mm x 75mm
Weight 1.8kg
Power Supply One 9 Volt Battery
Sensitivity - EIFS Mode High and Low Sensitivity
Sensitivity - Roofing Mode Hight and Low Sensitivity
Telescopic Handle Extends from 9" to 35"
Roofing Butyl Rubber Roofing
EIFS Hard Coat Stucco
  Wire Lath Reinforced Finishes
  Wire Mesh Reinforced Finishes

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