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Moisture / Damp Meter Masonry Digital

Moisture / Damp Meter Masonry Digital
Moisture / Damp Meter Masonry Digital
€25 per day +VAT
€75 per week +VAT

This hand sized digital display moisture meter from Tramex is robust and durable. It is battery operated and comes complete with a protective case. Unlike other models, this device is non destructive and easy to use.

In low light conditions a back light display can be used to highlight the readings. The backlight stays on for approx. 30 seconds

A low battery warning message will be displayed when the battery needs changing

The hold / freeze function can be used to record the readings when the display screen is not visible to the user

There are 3 modes of measurement

  1. Non-destructive moisture measurement
  2. Hygrometer
  3. Wood pin probe

The optional wood pin probe and relative humidity probe can be plugged into the socket at the top of the device.

There are 5 scales

  1. Wood
  2. Roof
  3. Masonry
  4. Drywall
  5. Laminate

Depending on the density of the material being tested, the instrument field can penetrate approximately 30mm below the surface.

This device is not calibrated for concrete.

hand held digital moisture meter

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