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Moisture / Damp Meter Timber

Moisture / Damp Meter Timber
Moisture / Damp Meter Timber
€25 per day +VAT
€75 per week +VAT

This hand held digital moisture meter from Tramex is suitable for use with timber and wood.

It is a battery operated device in a durable lightweight casing.

At the top of the device there are built in pins. There is also the option to attach external electrodes.

The easy to read digital display shows accurate readings.

A reading hold / freeze option allows the user to save a reading if the display is not visible.

Display LCD with a resolution of 0.10%
Range 6% to 40% wood moisture content
Measurement Depth 5/16 inch pins
Weight 250g
Dimensions 160mm x 75mm x 25mm
Battery 9v
Uses Flooring
  Indoor Air Quality
  Water Restoration
  Pest Control
  Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems

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