Small Industrial Dehumidifier
Small Industrial Dehumidifier
Small Industrial Dehumidifier Small Industrial Dehumidifier
€30 per day Plus VAT
€90 per week Plus VAT
Product Code: Dri Eaz

The Dri-Eaz® Cube Dehumidifier reduces humidity in enclosed environments by removing water vapour from the air. The Cube is ideal for water damage restoration, structural drying, construction, and any other application requiring temporary, high-performance dehumidification.


Compact size is easy to transport and can be placed in cramped spaces

Digital humidistat and controls in four languages

Control panel displays inlet and outlet temp and RH in real time

Automatic pumpout feature allows continuous operation

Water Removal (27°C/60% RH) 28 L / day 
Water Removal (30°C/80% RH) 43L / day
Water Removal (20°C/60% RH) 22 L / day
Process Air Movement 220 m3/h
Dimensions W x H x D 28.7cm x 38.9cm x 40.1cm
Weight with cord and hose 22.7kg
Amps 2.4A
Volts  230 V
Frequency  50 Hz
Power ( compressor rating) 1544 W
Operating Temperature Range 1°C–38°C
Sound Level Does not exceed 70 dB


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