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In Ireland, our weather can be unpredictable. Dealing with the effects of heavy rain and storms can often be stressful when the inevitable flooding happens. Leaking and burst pipes can also cause mould and dampness.

Hire Here Dublin Puddle Pump Wet Vacuum For Hire

Remove any standing water by using an Electric Submersible Pump especially if you have a cellar or basement below ground level. If the water is clear a Submersible Pump or Puddle Pump can shift up to 250 litres a minute and raise water from below ground level.

After pumping out, surface water can be removed using a Wet Vacuum Cleaner on hard surfaces or a Carpet Cleaner on carpets and soft furnishings.

Hire Here Dublin Dehumidifier Blow Heater for Hire

Once you have removed the bulk of the water, the walls and floor will still contain more moisture than they should so the next stage is a  Dehumidifier . This extracts moisture from the air, allowing excess water in the building materials to evaporate. Ensure the room has a temperature of above 5 degrees in order for the dehumidifier to work efficiently. In winter months, an Industrial Blow Heaterwill help raise the temperature of the flooded area enough to allow the dehumidifier to work within its operating zone.

Hire Here Dublin Pressure Washer Damp Meter For Hire

You may have had flood water come into your home from outside carrying all sorts of bacteria, sewage and rainwater. Use a HEPA Air Scrubber to inhibit the growth of odours and stain causing bacteria, mould and mildew. Use a Steam Cleaner to sterilize and sanitize surfaces.

Use a pressure washer to clean up mud and debris left on outside walls and patios by receding flood waters.

A moisture meter should be used throughout the process to assess the level of dampness in timber and masonry.

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