GRP Stepladders

GRP Stepladders
GRP Stepladders
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€60 per week Plus VAT
Brand: Manufacturer
Product Code: Tubesca

Features & Applications

  • Manufacture from box section polyester reinforced fibreglass using a process combining pultrusion and filament winding, providing additional strength with minimal weight giving the best mechanical performance as well as electric insulation properties
  • 30 mm deep square rungs for strength and comfort, intervals 280 mm
  • Large 100 mm wall wheels for easy ladder extension
  • MONOBLOC CONSTUCTION: the rungs are irremovable thanks to a state of the art technique for upright/run connection (shrink/crimp/expand), cold formed under pressure into hallow section, giving strong double housing
  • The fibreglass uprights protect the user from low and medium voltage current, flashover between two treads 30,000 volts, laboratory tested
  • Stabiliser bar and restraining straps for extra safety
  • Interlocking clips secure sections together for safe and easy use and transport
  • Anti-slip feet


Rungs 2 x 8
Steps 2.41m
SSH (Steps) 1.41m
WH (Steps) 2.91m
RH (Steps) 3.41m
Leaning 4.09m
SSH (Leaning) 3.09m
WH (Leaning) 4.59m
RH (Leaning) 5.09m
Spread 1.67m
Width 0.85m
Weight 14.9kg


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