Work Platform 0.72m

Work Platform 0.72m
Work Platform 0.72m
Work Platform 0.72m Work Platform 0.72m Work Platform 0.72m Work Platform 0.72m
€20 per day Plus VAT
€60 per week Plus VAT
Product Code: Lite 3 Tread

Our aluminium "Wide-step" was created to offer much improved stability over standard stepladders way of a much wider footprint, while also providing the user with a high (1000mm) handrail incorporating a clip on chain "gate" which completes the full surrounding guardrail system.

Features & Applications

This virtually eliminates the possibility of falling while working on the platform. The large working platform is a generous 600mm deep x 400mm wide and is made from aluminium anti-slip chequer plate.

Moving around with the wide step is easy ... simply tilt the step until the 2 rear wheels contact the ground and away you go... the wheels lift off the ground the moment the step is placed back in the working position.

The wheels are also useful for moving the unit around between locations when packed flat....


  • Certified to BS EN131 the Euro-wide standard for industrial ladders
  • Extra wide working platform - 600mm wide x 400mm deep
  • High handrails to both sides and back
  • Clip on/off Chain for entry/exit
  • 2 rear wheels for effortless manoeuvrability
  • Lightweight - 8kg yet very robust
  • Folds flat for storage & transportation inside or on top of a small van
  • Designed for easy use by one person
  • Large, deep (85mm) serrated treads
  • Maximum load - 150kg (23.5 stone)
  • Working heights up to: 2.6m
3 610mm 1625mm 1780mm 8kg


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