Staging Youngman Boards
Staging Youngman Boards
€13 per day Plus VAT
€39 per week Plus VAT
Brand: Lyte Industries
Product Code: Youngman

600mm wide lightweight rigid platform ideal to span between two points with no need for further central support. Various lengths available. Anti slip surface. May be used with a handrail system as an addition.  

Aluminium Staging Boards and Trestles
Aluminium staging boards:
  • Tested and certified to Class 1
  • Handrail system available
  • Size range from 2.4m - 7.2m
  • Non slip rot proof decking
  • Rubber insert to prevent aluminium on aluminium slip
  • Aluminium and wood struts
  • Heavy duty rubber end caps

Youngman Staging Board Hire

Youngman boards also known as staging boards are used in the construction industry to provide a sturdy working platform for a wide range of applications including bridging large gaps and using as walking boards.

Youngman boards or staging boards are constructed with box section alloy stiles and timber decking and are supplied in the standard 18″(450mm) width.

We stock 7 sizes of youngman boards for hire:

10ft (3 Metre) Youngman / Staging Board
12ft (3.6 Metre) Youngman / Staging Board
14ft (4.2 Metre) Youngman / Staging Board
16ft (4.8 Metre) Youngman / Staging Board
18ft (5.4 Metre) Youngman / Staging Board
20ft (6 Metre) Youngman / Staging Board
24ft (7.3 Metre) Youngman / Staging Board

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