Youngman Board Handrail System
Youngman Board Handrail System
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€39 per week Plus VAT
Product Code: SGB Youngman

This handrail bracket is suitable to be fixed to a lightweight staging platform. Scaffold tubes can then be fixed across the brackets to form a handrail barrier.  

Features & Applications

  • Tested and approved to BS 2037 Class 1.
  • Increase rigidity over a wider working area than a traditional youngman board.
  • Can be used with super trestles or boss towers.
  • Optional extras include toeboards, guard rails and guards rail posts.

Offering stability and rigidity over a wider working space the Youngman Board is an efficient, user friendly and safe working platform. Optional extras, such as toeboards and guardrails, make it a flexible and cost-effective alternative to expensive integrated decking systems.

Working on a construction site at height is not always a straight forward task. Very often jobs need to be carried out at height while contractors are working alongside immoveable objects such as conservatories, porches and heavy machinery.

But there is an easy solution for bridging the gap over such large objects. Using Youngman boards as a stable, rigid, working space means you can easily work round the immoveable object on the ground beneath you.

A user friendly, safe wide working platform, Youngman boards offer plenty of optional extras such as toeboards and guardrails and they make a great flexible, cost-effective alternative to expensive integrated decking systems.

The best bit is that you can use a Youngman board to bridge the gap between scaffold towers which means even working round constructions like large conservatories no longer poses a problem.

The product is lightweight and easy to use making assembly and dismantling the boards a simply exercise which can be carried out by a beginner.

The Youngman board, which are also often referred to as Light Weight Stagings (LWS), can also act as an extended platform if you are working along a wall which means that you do not have to move scaffolding around, saving you both time and energy.

An extra wide board of 450mm means users benefit for excellent rigidity and a full handrail is available to keep contractors safe at all times.

The Youngman board is available in three different sizes, 3.6m, 4.2m and 6m lengths and it can be used with Youngman super trestle or access towers.

Youngman Boards are designed, tested and approved to BS 2037 Class 1. There is a variety of aluminium frame stagings available which offer a safe, uninterrupted work platform that will bridge a gap up to 6.7m without intermediate support.


  • Extra wide with excellent rigidity
  • Full handrail available
  • Can be used with Youngman Super Trestle or access towers
  • 450mm wide
  • Available in 3.6m, 4.2m and 6m lengths
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