Combisafe Edge Protection Barrier
Combisafe Edge Protection Barrier
Combisafe Edge Protection Barrier Combisafe Edge Protection Barrier
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The SMB has been developed to offer an alternative safety system for the most challenging construction environments - combining a range of valuable benefits such as strength, durability, speed of installation and adjustability. The barrier is light to carry and easy to manoeuvre for improved transport and on-site handling

The Edge Protection Federation, a single authoritative body for the industry, describes edge protection as ‘primarily to prevent persons and objects from falling to a lower level’.

The most commonly specified solutions include Mesh Barrier Systems or MBS.

To ensure your edge protection meets the highest standards of safety and performance, you must adhere to the European Standard of Temporary Edge Protection – EN 13374. This applies to edge protection systems for flat and inclined surfaces and specifies the requirements for three classes of temporary edge protection. These are known as Class A, Class B and Class C.

  • Class A – protection to flat surfaces and slopes generally up to 10 degrees.
  • Class B – protection to flat surfaces and slopes up to 30 degrees.
  • Class C – protection to steeply sloping surfaces up to 60 degrees.

Mesh Barriers

Most mesh barriers comply to EN 13374 Class A (although some providers also supply barriers complying to Class C) and incorporate guardrail, toe board and mesh infill in one. This method provides a high level of containment and often enhances the feeling of operative safety. Mesh barriers are considered to be simple to install as they require no specialist skills but also offer a professional look to a construction site. There are extensive attachments and accessories for this system which enables it to be applied to virtually any construction project.

  • Size 2599 x 1150mm
  • Weight 19.4kg

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