Temporary Traffic Lights

Temporary Traffic Lights
Temporary Traffic Lights
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Product Code: TSS IR 400

These traffic lights are used when road works are taking place. These are portable and easy to set up. 

Temporary Traffic Light IR 400 LED

Model STFCIR200A


  • Twenty days with the same battery 12V-220V/H to a temperature of 200C

Reduce the Maintenance Cost

  • LED can last more than 100,000 hours                       
  • An easier management for your traffic lights
  • Every Light is Identical

Easier Work

  • No cables link both traffic lights
  • Mobile Module, no mechanical connections
  • East to move and to handle


  • Every traffic light is programmed with a code, so modules cannot communicate between them after the verification
  • Impossible to steal
  • Anti-theft device


  • Head of traffic lights are in ABS, polycarbonate lens
  • Telescopic pole: close 1.65 m open 2.6 m
  • Battery box with wheels 520 x 390 x 33m ( L x I x H )
  • Weight without battery 45kg per light
  • Power Supply 12 V - 220 V A/H

Directions for use traffic light IR 400

1. Presentation

A traffic light set is composed of 2 heads of traffic lights, 2 batteries box with wheels, 2 operating modules allow the program definition; a mobile module records parameters on one of command module to program the second one.

2.General Rules

Put into every box

  • A battery 12 V-220 A/H
  • A power supply 220 / 12V
  • Install telescopic pole in the higher position.

When you put power supply if synchronisation procedure has not been executed, then middle light is in the blinking orange.

3.Synchronisation Procedure

Going to one of the traffic lights with the mobile module.

  • Press the button: “marche” (Run); the red pilot light works.
  • Bring the mobile module near to LCD display (fourth light).
  • Possible programming only if the red pilot light M/A (Run / Stop) blinks.
  • To program the road works length and traffic density
  • Press buttons: “length” and “traffic”
  • Verify data that you want program on your LCD display.
  • Press the “VALID” button (red pilot light works), this action sanction the fire cycle.

NB: A buzzer signals every action on buttons.

Going to the second temporary traffic light.

  • Bring the mobile module near to LCD display (fourth optic)
  • Press the “VALID” button.
  • The traffic light self-programming sanctions the cycle, the module stop working automatically.
  • After validation you can verify the cycle on LCD display.

NB: A buzzer signals that programming has been executed.


  • You have 20 minutes to execute this operation, after 20 minutes the mobile module is stopped automatically.
  • The LCD display lighting stops itself after 20 minutes; cycle and battery power supply always appears on LCD display.

4.Functioning Mode

Pressing the “Mode” button (this button is into the battery box) allows finding other functions.

  • Stand by: Lights not work
  • Blinking: orange light blinking
  • Red Only: Light blocked to the red

The communication on one or other mode does not bring about perturbation on the synchronisation.

5. Information Failures

Defects appear on the LCD display, 2 x 16 types and are listed in 3 different categories:

Defects cancelling the synchronisation with the orange light blinking

  • Time base defect

Two sort batteries defect:

  • Medium power: blinking orange light
  • Low power: stand by (not light sign)

Transmission defect between the remote control infrared module and Module MTI 400.

  • Defects do not bring about the loss of synchronisation, return to pre-programmed cycle when defects disappear.
  • Defects light bulb
  • Defects in the main battery (cycle preservation during 8 hours)
  • Defects on account of manipulation error (Module not programmed)

6. Stop Temporary Traffic Light

To stop a temporary traffic light or to reset: stop the power supply and press the mode button between 5 seconds (this button is into the battery box)

If you stop the power supply without pressing the button, you will hear a buzzer.


  • If you have any programming problems with mobile module verify if the 9 Volts accumulator works.
  • If you have power supply a problem, verify the fuse (fuse 5 x 20 2A) in to the battery box.
  • You cannot program in a second time the other traffic light without cancelled its cycle.

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