Small Floor Scrubber Dryer

Small Floor Scrubber Dryer
Small Floor Scrubber Dryer
Small Floor Scrubber Dryer Small Floor Scrubber Dryer
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This battery powered small floor scrubber dryer with a cylindrical brush is the ideal solution for tight corners and narrow spaces. Instead of using a mop an bucket, this scrubber dry cleans floors without the hard work.

It has 2 separate water tanks, so that unlike a mop and bucket which continuously dirties the water with each pass, clean water is used for each pass.

The scrubber dryer is powered by a lithium ion battery which is easily charged. 

Working Width  340mm
Squeegee Width 395mm
Clean Water Tank 1.2 Litre
Dirty Water Recovery Tank 1 Litre
Cylindrical Brush Diameter 110mm
Battery Type V/Ah Li- ion 25.6 / 5.2
Technical Date  
Brush Motor V / W 24 / 50
Vacuum Motor V / W 24 / 100
Noise Level <70 dB (A)
Weight (with Battery)  10kg
Working Capacity up to 300 sq.m
Dimension L x H x W 395mm x 1295mm x 445mm


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