Pressure Washer Elec Cold
Pressure Washer Elec Cold
Pressure Washer Elec Cold
€32 per day Plus VAT
€96 per week Plus VAT
Brand: Manufacturer
Product Code: Eurojet

The electric pressure washer uses a high pressured jet of water (1500psi) to quickly and effortlessly lift dirt, stains, grease and grime and oil from concrete, brickwork and vehicles. This pressure washer is the ideal piece of equipment for all domestic and industrial cleaning jobs – perfect for cleaning all kinds of vehicles, patios, driveways, decking and paths. With the added convenience of a wheeled trolley, this pressure washer can simply be wheeled to where it is needed, and can reach the tightest, least accessible areas.

The cable on this machine is approx. 5m long. The pressure washer cannot be run off an extension cable. The hose adds another 8m of length.

Model Power Cleaner 105:
105 Bar / 1500 Psi
12.4 lt/min 230 Volt
2.2 KW
Swivel Gun
8M Hose
Brass Pump
1450 RPM Motor
Overload Protection
Adjustable Pressure
Chemical Tank
Adjustable Nozzle
External Chemical pick up
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