Compactor Plate (Diesel)
Compactor Plate (Diesel)
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Brand: Fairport
Product Code: PP46

Medium compactor plate suitable for compacting sand and gravel and ideal for block laying. A rubber mat can be fitted when using on blocks. 

Fairport PP46 460mm Plate Compactor

Features & Applications 

Fairport PP46 460mm (18") Die Plate Compactor is ideal for compaction of sub base and asphalt. With high build quality and excellent performance Fairport PP46 460mm (18") Plate Compactor have proven to be a favourite tool for contractors. It is a heavy duty plate compactor with a plate weighting just 71kg with heavy duty long life bearings.The belt can be adjusted without removing the covers. It has an angled leading and trailing edges to the plate and has lfting handles fitted for easier manual handling.



  • Powered by Yanmar Diesel Engine
  • Frequency: 6500 vpm
  • Centrifugal Force: 1200kg
  • Contact area: 0.161m2
  • Plate size: 460mm x 5100mm
  • Weight: 71kg
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