Power Scaler - 110V
Power Scaler - 110V
€33 per day Plus VAT
€99 per week Plus VAT
Brand: Refina
Product Code: Refina Powerprep

This versatile hand held scaler can be used for many tasks including scabbling concrete and stone, keying back plaster and render, removing paint and textured coatings etc.  

Refina EPf1503 6" SURfACE SCABBLER 110v

Fast surface scabblers with adjustable depth dust control hood leaves peened & roughened surface dust free with vac

The EPF1503 is a versatile surface scabbler that will clean and key concrete, render and masonry; it will remove high build coatings, masonry paints, tyrolean and strip waterproofers; prep internal walls and plaster before repainting or finishing. It is the ideal power tool for internal and external renovation, refurbishment and redecorating. The C4 tungsten cutters come supplied and are for removing thin and thick coatings; the surface is “shaved” clean.

In addition you can also order C5 cutters which are for use on trowelled surfaces and sand finish brick and masonry. Please select C5 cutters below

The EPF1503 can also be fitted with a coarse grit 6" tungsten chip disc for abrading walls and floors. Coarse grit tungsten chip cup discs are an alternative to very coarse sanding discs. They are durable, clog less and can be cleaned with a wire brush The 6" disc will fit the EPF1503; a locknut and flange is required. Please select 6" disc and locking nut below.


  • Keying back plaster & render
  • For removing masonry & cement paint
  • Cleaning render, plaster and brickwork
  • Scabbling concrete & exposing aggregate
  • Taking paint off masonry & brick
  • Cleaning dirt & paint off concrete
  • Renovating hard floors
  • Keying walls before repainting


Motor: 1500w

Speed: 4000rpm

Weight: 3.9kg

Prephead: 150mm

Vibration level: 25m/hr 5.9m/s

Noise level: 78dBA

Voltage: 110v or 230v

Transformer: 3kva, 16 amp plug

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