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Being the oldest tool hire company in Dublin, there is very little we don't know about the business.

Being a family run business, the owners are always on hand and very often will be the member of staff serving you.

Required before you Hire

Do I need to leave a deposit?

A  card deposit is needed when hiring from us. We accept all major credit and debit cards. We do not accept cheques. Minimum deposit of €100.00 is required.

Do I need identification?

We look for a photo ID as well as proof of address.

Photo ID can be:

  1. A valid passport
  2. A current Irish driving licence
  3. A National Age Card (issued by An Garda Síochána)
  4. An identification form with a photograph signed by a member of An Garda Síochána
  5. Documents issued by government departments showing your name. Government documents must be verified by a statement from a person in a position of responsibility such as a solicitor, accountant, doctor or social worker. That person must also show proof of their own identity.

Proof of address can be:

  1. A current utility bill (such as a gas, electricity or telephone or mobile phone bill)
  2. A current car or home insurance policy that shows your address
  3. A document issued by a government department that shows your address
  4. A current bank statement (that’s shows your address)
  5. A list of your tax credits
  6. A current balancing statement from Revenue
  7. A social insurance document (that shows your address)

We will book the equipment out to the person signing the contract. You cannot hire on behalf of someone else.

Can I reserve equipment?

Book as early as you can, especially for the busy summer and bank holiday periods.

Is there a delivery / collection charge?

Rates for delivery and collection vary with distance and will be quoted when you place your reservation. Deliveries are normally made Monday morning  to Saturday midday. Transport planning is based on a delivery projection within a two-hour time window.

Do I need to call for collection?

We will not assume you are finished with an item until you call us to let us know it is ready for collection.

What is my responsibility for equipment return?

Equipment remains on hire (and chargeable) until returned to Hire Here. If you require a collection, please telephone and ensure you obtain an 'off-Hire' number. Security of equipment remains your responsibility until returned or collected by us.

What happens if something is damaged, broken or missing?

We do charge for broken or damaged equipment. Be sure equipment is secured when not in use and protected from vandalism or loss.

Do I have to clean the equipment before I return it?

A cleaning charge will be levied if equipment is returned dirty

Do I have to pay VAT?

We quote all prices excluding vat. VAT @ 23% must be added on to all prices on this website, in our pricelist and quoted by our staff.

Hire Here Account

  • Avail of discounted rates.
  • Monthly invoices and statements.
  • Plant lists
  • Access to our Emergency Hire Service.
  • Updates of promotions and special offers.

Download the  Credit Account Application Form 

Information on Hire Here Conditions of Hire

All of our equipment is maintained and serviced to the highest industry standards by our experienced workshop staff.

Each item is checked, cleaned, serviced and tested upon return - a process which is logged, ensuring you have a quality working item to get on with your job. We also repair and service most leading makes of tools and offer periodic testing of electrical power tools - a legal requirement.


For a nominal charge we will provide an estimate to repair your own equipment. This charge is waived against repair work if the estimate is accepted. Please contact us or ask a member of our team for any help you need servicing and repairing equipment.

Our friendly staff are fully trained in the safe operation of all our tools and machinery. We will not let you leave the shop until we are satisifed you are confident on all aspects of working the items you are about to hire.

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