Boat Skip
Boat Skip
Boat Skip
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These skips are used for general site clearance or muck removal. The main advantage of this type of skip is the comparatively low loading height compared with a conventional muck skip. Designed with drop hanger, hook ring and latch for automatic emptying of the skip by crane operator without an assistant. Eliminates the need for a Banksman to enter the danger zone. Will lift and tip a part load. Bale support fingers are only engaged when the bale is disconnected from the crane.

The use of a drop chain is recommended to minimise any possible risk of damage to the lifting bale caused by the direct connection of the crane hook.


DRE Crane Skips are ideal for handling a wide range of waste products including steel, timber, muck, rubble. They are also ideal for use on building/construction sites for storage and transportation of sand and other materials.


  • Robust Body Construction
  • Reinforced Body Rim
  • Robust Tipping Frame
  • Easy & Reliable Tipping Action
  • Low Maintenance


  • 5 FT with a 1.5 to 2 M CU Capacity
  • 7 FT with a 2 - 2.5 M CU Capacity

Product Description: Crane skip

Sizes Available 1.5m Wide / 2m Wide
Capacity 1.5 MCU + 2.5 MCU
W.L.L 2000 kgs



Capacity 2000 litre
Loading Height 725mm                    
Overall Width 1700mm
Overall Length 2475mm
Overall Height incl. Bale 1550mm
Maximum Load Weight 4775kg
Weight 527kg


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