Fork Tipping Skip
Fork  Tipping Skip
Fork  Tipping Skip
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These tipping skips fit all types of forklift trucks and have been designed specifically to save time, money and improve safety.

The skips will handle virtually any bulk material. All skips have automatic self-locking return, a safety spring on the tip mechanism and safety pins to prevent movement on the forks.

Features & Applications

  • 5 foot skip - capacity 1200 Litres
  • Main body constructed from mild steel
  • Reinforced body rim for maximum rigidity and resistance to disortion
  • Robust tipping frame with spring mechanism tip locking device
  • Generous tip out angle to discharge the most stubborn of loads
  • Easy action tipping activation
  • Option to weld individual plant number to skips for owner identification
  • High quality paint finish (own colour coding option available)
Description - RE Tipping Skips are ideal for handling a wide range of waste products including steel, timber, paper, liquid and offal. They are also ideal for use on building/construction sites for storage and transportation of sand and other materials.




Robust Body Construction
Reinforced Body Rim
Robust Tipping Frame
Easy & Reliable Tipping Action
Low Maintenance




5 FT with a 1.5 to 2 M CU Capacity
7 FT with a 2 - 2.5 M CU Capacity




Product Description: Forklift Tipping Skip
Sizes Available: 1.5m Wide / 2m Wide
Capacity: 1.5 MCU + 2.5 MCU
W.L.L: 2000 kgs
Mode of Lifting: Forklift / Teleporter / Crane / Gantry
Materials: 3mm / 5mm / 8mm Mild Steel Plate
Product Weight: 250 kgs

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