Stair Climber Sack Truck
Stair Climber Sack Truck
Stair Climber Sack Truck Stair Climber Sack Truck
€18 per day Plus VAT
€54 per week Plus VAT
Product Code: Walden

Suitable for moving large boxes, sacks or many other items including up and down stairs.  

A very practical truck that easily climbs stairs, kerbs, doorsteps and similar obstacles. The tubular steel construction is ergonomically designed to provide safe transportation of goods both upstairs and downstairs. Folding footplate for minimum storage space. Note: it is recommended that with just one operator loads on stairs do not exceed 50kg.

Product Description

The stair climbing sack truck really does describe itself! Fitted with castors that are especially designed for moving items up and down stairs, this is an essential piece of equipment where such actions are needed on a regular basis. The folding toe plate enables economic use of storage and also lends itself to being kept on a delivery wagon for use at the point of delivery where alighting stairs is likely.

Features & Applications

  • Ø165mm Solid tyres.
  • Tubular steel construction gives 150kg maximum load capacity.
  • Deep foot ensures cartons stay on trolley during transit.
  • Fitted with solid rubber wheels.
  • Handle design allows a firm grip whilst ascending and descending stairways.
  • Ideal for delivery drivers and couriers.
  • Suitable also for multi-level factories and offices.
  • Model No. CST985
  • Material Handling, Sealey, Automotive Products, Sack Truck Stair Climbing 150kg Capacity



Blue powder coated finish.


Diameter: 6 x 140mm | Material: Rubber


Double Grip - makes steering easy and allows for maximum control over the load.


Folding Toe Plate: 320 x 260 mm


Height: 1110mm | Width: 460mm | Folded Depth: 350mm | Unfolded Depth: 640mm


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