Transformer 10 kva
Transformer 10 kva
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Brand: Birchwood
Product Code: Defender

Site Transformer 10kVA 230V-110V

  • Air cooled.
  • Heavy-duty steel enclosure.
  • Double wound with safety earth screen.
  • MCB protection against overload.
  • Manufactured to BS (EN) 61558-2-23.


  • The 110V transformer is for use on building sites to provide a reduced voltage.
  • 40 amp input screw terminal block
  • 4 x 16 amp outlet sockets
  • 2 x 32 amp outlet sockets
  • CTE (Centre tap to earth)
  • Fitted with 5 MCBs (Miniature circuit breakers)
  • One MCB on the input, two on the 16 amp outlets & one on each 32 amp outlet
  • Constructed with a robust heavy duty site case and housed under a weatherproof cover.
  • Climatic class outdoor use


Intermittent or tool rating: Single phase 10,000VA @ 50/60HZ
Continuous rating: 10,000VA
Input: 230V @ 43.48 amps
Output: 4 x 110V CTE with IP44 16 amp panel mounting sockets with weatherproof covers
Output: 2 x 110V CTE @ 90.91 amps with IP44 32 amp panel mounting sockets with weatherproof covers
Input protection: 1 x 40 amp 2 pole type D MCB
Output protection: 2 x 16 amp 2 pole type C MCB + 2 x 32 amp 2 pole type C MCB
Tripping Characteristics: European standard EN60898 (-25 deg C - +55 deg C)
Earthing: Earth sreen between primary & secondary windings
Insulation: Thermal insulation Class E. Maximum 120 deg C
Temperature rise: 75 deg C. Maximum 80 deg C
Feeder Cable Size: Up to 30m 6mm or 60m 10mm
Enclosure: Sheet steel ventilation drip proof IP40 + IP44 Weatherproof covers over MCBs
Dimensions: H 590mm (inc. handles 640mm) x W 365mm(inc. handles 430mm) x D 440mm
Weight: 73Kg


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