Water Pressure Tester Manual

Water Pressure Tester Manual
Water Pressure Tester Manual
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Brand: Ridgid
Product Code: Ridgid 1450

Tests hydraulically for leaks in installations which are required to be leak proof. Will test systems up to 725 PSI. Especially for use in heating, compressed air, refrigeration systems, oil installations, sprinkler systems and other small bore pipe installations. 

The RIDGID Model 1450 pressure testing pump is designed to pressure test all types of fluid systems for leaks including heating, compressed air, oil, fire sprinkler, and small bore pipeline systems. The Model 1450 uses a variable lever-arm design and automatic pressure holding valves to enable the user to easily pressurize the system. Test pressures can be achieved very easily with the Model 1450. Use caution when pressurizing the system by watching the pump's pressure gauge closely. Pressurizing systems above the pump's rated pressure of 50 Bar/725 psi can cause damage to the pump's components.


Dimensions mm 700 (L) x 212 (W) x 237 (H)
Weight kg 7
Maximum Pressure 50 Bar/725 psi
Piston Volume 2.3 in3
Outlet Hose Connection 1/2" BSPP or 1/2" NPT
Reservoir Capacity l 16
Liquid Water
Ethylene Glycol
Maximum Temperature 50°C (120°F)


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