Floor Sander
Floor Sander
Floor Sander Floor Sander Floor Sander
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€90 per week Plus VAT
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Brand: Hiretechnicians
Product Code: HT8-1.2

This drum floor sander from HireTech is a versatile and powerful machine.  It can be used on many types of hard and soft wood floors including parquet, laminate, fibre board, cork and composition floors.

The sanding drum, which has a rubber covering, is driven by a four brush motor.  For transport, the machine can be broken down into three easy to assemble components.

The high impact ABS injection moulded side guards and drum guard will not scar or scuff walls and will protect the floor sander during transport.

The abrasive paper is kept securely in place by the reversible clamp bar which has a lifting fin to make it easier to change the abrasive paper.

Like the edging sander, the drum sander will not stall or slow down as the motor is self-cooling with a four brush design.  This gives a fast consistent sanding rate and a uniform finish across the whole floor area.

This floor sander has a motor which can deliver up to 4.5 hp, depending on the load and  it won't trip or blow domestic fuses.  

Power 110v ,220v
Noise 95 dB at 1 metre
Vibration 160 m/s2 rms
Motor RPM 8,500 - 6,500
Sanding Pad 203 mm wide
Dimensions W x D x H 322mm x 940mm x 855mm
Weight 41 kg

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