Sash Clamp
Sash Clamp
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The Sash Clamp is mainly used for clamping large work pieces during fabrication and gluing in joinery and carpentry.  

With slides and heads made from unbreakable SG Iron, this Clamp will always take the strain. Flat-bottomed slides and heads allow it to stand unsupported. Steel main screw applies pressure quickly and smoothly.

  • Cast Iron Heads
  • Steel Main Screw
  • Bar Stop

Features & Specifications

Primarily designed for clamping large work pieces during fabrication and gluing in joinery, carpentry and boat building.

  • Cast iron head and slides with large thrust surfaces.
  • High quality steel bar handle, screw and pin.
  • These are heavy duty clamps with a bar section of 32mm x 6mm (11/4" x 1/4").
  • The slide and head are guaranteed unbreakable and the slide is secured by a solid steel pin passing through one of the locating holes spaced along the steel bar.
  • The steel mainscrew applies pressure quickly and smoothly through a fast acting, hard wearing rolled thread.
  • Slides and heads are flat bottomed so that the clamp will stand without support.
  • Bar Length 72in.
  • Capacity 66in.
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