Metal Detector

Metal Detector
Metal Detector
Metal Detector
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Product Code: C Scope CS880

The C.Scope CS880 is a neat solution to the problem of pinpointing the position of metal covers buried under earth or tarmac.

Features & Applications

  • Simple to use - just turn on and go
  • Audio and visual target indication
  • Autopower off for longer battery life
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Sealed battery compartment
  • Waterproof search coil
  • Simple stem length adjustment
  • Ergonomically designed to allow prolonged usage
  • Protective carry bag available


Simple on / off push buttons


Sealed separate battery compartment 

8 x AA clip in battery pack 


Waterproof highly robust search coil 

Waterproof construction


Twistlock stem length adjustment 

Comfortable hand grip with arm rest 

Fascia mounted loudspeaker with socket for optional headphones

The CScope Metal Cover Locator has been designed specifically for the exacting requirements of the water industry and ground working contractor.
This detector is a low cost solution to the problem of finding lost or hidden metal objects in the ground. Typical targets will be manhole covers and stopcock boxes covered by tarmac or earth, steel reinforcement rods in concrete road surfaces, metal pipes, valve heads and buried fuel tanks.

The CScope designed Induction Balance operating system provides maximum sensitivity to solid metal objects whilst ignoring the small metal clutter which causes false signals in cheap inferior metal detectors. A 'target hold' facility enables the operator to trace out the shape and size of the located object - less time wasted uncovering the wrong target!

The CS880 has been carefully thought out in every detail. It is vital equipment for the Water Company Inspector, Engineer and Ground Work Operative. Every feature of the CS880 has been devised in close consultation with industry specialists


  • Heavy duty control box
  • Sealed separate battery compartment
  • Waterproof highly robust search coil
  • Twistlock stem length adjustment
  • Comfortable hand grip with armrest
  • Fascia mounted loudspeaker
  • Socket for optional headphones
  • Collapsible stem
  • Push button controls and LED panel indicators


  • Batteries: 8 x AA clip in battery pack
  • Moisture protection: Moisture and dust protected to IP65
  • Depth detection:
    • Stop Cock sized cover (approx. 100mm x 100mm) at 30 cm depth (or 1 foot depth approx).
    • Fire Hydrant sized cover (approx. 40cm x 20cm) at 60cm depth (or 2 foot depth approx).
    • Manhole sized Sewer Cover at 1m (or 3 foot depth approx).
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