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DIY Construction News March 2015

Growth in Irish Construction Slowing in 2015 According to the Ulster Bank Construction Purchasing Managers’ Report, growth rates in the Irish construction sector continued to slow in February 2015.

DIY & Construction News January 2015

Construction Activity Grows strongly at the end of 2014 The Ulster Bank Construction PMI report for December 2014 continues to show growth in the Irish Construction industry.

Our Deansgrange Shop Now Closed

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our deansgrange shop now closed since January 2015.  The building where we rent a shop unit is being sold, which means we have to leave.

Irish Construction Industry News

Irish Construction Industry News November 2014 Irish Construction Industry News, a brief round up for November 2014 The recovery in the Irish construction sector continued to rise in October, with a large rise in activity, new orders and employment, according to the Ulster Bank Construction Purchasing Managers Index.

How Dust Extraction Systems Can Benefit You

The four main benefits of using dust extraction systems are Reduces the wear and tear of machines Increases visibility and air quality Reduces the risk of dust fire Increases employee morale and productivity

Portable Temporary Lights for hire

Portable Temporary Lights For Hire

Our portable temporary lights for hire are efficient, safe and affordable.  We have fluorescent, halogen and LED lights suitable for site work, outdoor events and emergency situations.

Chainsaw Wood Carving

Chainsaw Wood Carving Autumn and Halloween mean chainsaw season.  Most people use chainsaws for tree clearing and landscaping purposes but that’s not all they can do.  In skilled and trained hands,  chainsaws can be used to create many beautiful wood carvings and sculptures.

guide to using portable heaters Hire Here Ltd Dublin

A Quick Guide to Using Portable Heaters

Now that the weather has changed and the temperatures have dropped, portable heaters for outdoor areas or marquees become necessary.  However, heating outdoor areas is not as easy as it seems.  There are many factors to consider.

What To Do When A Flood Happens

What To Do When A Flood Happens In Ireland, rain and flooding are a part of life. Some places especially those near rivers, lakes or on the coastline have a higher flood risk. Flooding can happen for many other reasons too, such as burst pipes or collapsed roofs.

Construction News In Brief

Construction News in Brief New Online Register for Construction Companies and Builders In July  2014 The Irish Construction Federation together with the Minister for the Environment launched a new register for the Irish Construction Industry. The register is a data base of construction companies, sole traders and builders who follow industry regulations and standards.