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Scaffold Safety Tips
10 Simple Do’s and Dont’s

Scaffold Safety – The Visual Inspection

  • Make sure the structure is on solid ground and the base plates are level and secure
  • Any bent or damaged end frames should be removed and replaced.

  • The guard rails and supports should be fitted according to the correct industry specifications.
  • If the scaffold structure is in an area where there will be pedestrian traffic passing by, make sure screens are installed correctly.
  • Make sure the scaffold structure is securely attached to the building using the correct connections.

Scaffold Safety – Protect Yourself

  • Anyone working on a scaffold or near one should always wear a hard hat which complies with the correct standard specifications.
  • Anyone working on a scaffold or near one should always wear the correct type of non-slip shoes

Work Safely

  • Know the maximum weight load and never overload the scaffold structure. Even steel scaffold poles have a limit to what weight they can hold.
  • If a scaffold structure is mobile, never move when workers are on-board and keep the wheels locked when the scaffold is stationary.
  • Uses scaffold climbing ladders and scaffold steps to climb up or down from work levels

Hire Here Ltd Dublin Scaffold Safety Awareness

For more scaffold safety information see The Code of Practice for Access and Working Scaffolds from the Health and Safety Authority

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