Hire Here Dublin 5 reasons to rent a carpet cleaner

Have you cleaned your carpets in the last 12 months?  Have you noticed that your house does not smell as fresh as it used to?

A perfect solution is to hire a wet carpet cleaner from us. Our professional grade carpet cleaner carpet shampooer can be hired for €33 a day, not including VAT.  We make sure you know exactly how to use the machine and we also include a bottle of carpet shampoo.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should rent a carpet cleaner

The aroma of freshly cleaned carpet is very inviting and relaxing. The pungent odour of dirty or soiled carpet is almost repulsive. Our anti-bacterial shampoo will leave your carpets smelling great.

  1. Dirt and small particles are very abrasive. These particles will cut tiny fibres in the carpet every time they are walked on. Over time this will cause the carpet fibres to wear and will have to be replaced long before it should be.
  2. Clean carpets make your home look more appealing. Over time the fibres in your carpet lose that fresh look by getting repeatedly trodden down. When carpet is cleaned the pile or strands of the carpet stand tall and look like new.
  3. Allergens, fungus, dust mites and bacteria are compounded when they are allowed to accumulate. Just think how bacteria and fungus could multiply and then get into the air you breathe.
  4.  Stains are a sign that a carpet that needs to be deep cleaned. When you wait too long to treat stains you risk not getting them up at all, most stains if treated quickly and in the right way are not stains at all.
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