life jackets legal requirements

The latest Marine Notice from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport (DTTAS) addresses the life jackets legal requirements for all recreational craft owners, masters and users.

The notice discusses the different types of PFDs – lifejackets and buoyancy aids – and their performance standards, as well as highlighting the importance of their use, proper care and servicing for safe water activities. The full notice can be found here 

The law makes clear that there must be suitable PFDs for everyone on board any pleasure craft, and that PFDs must be worn by anyone the deck of any craft or on board any open craft that is under seven metres in length – or for people under the age of 16, any craft regardless of length.

Marine investigators have again highlighted the lack of lifejackets as contributing to loss of life in the official report into the capsizing of a fishing vessel off Co Wexford last year.

Crewman John Ennis was lost when the two-man vessel Na Buachaillí capsized and sank close to the shore in Waterford Estuary near Duncannon on 18 February 2011.

Skipper and owner Richard McNamara survived the incident. More than a month later, Ennis’s body was recovered from the water on 21 March 2011. Neither man had been wearing a lifejacket despite all requisite safety equipment being available.

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