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Updated 3 May 2017

Portable air conditioners for hire and for sale from our partners at Aircon Hire Dublin. They are suitable for both commercial and domestic use.  These air conditioners are ideal for climate control in large and small industrial areas such as offices, shops, server and computer rooms.

There are 3 types of
portable air conditioners available

Benefits of using portable air conditioners

  • The air temperature is kept at a consistent controlled level.  Studies have shown that workers are most productive when the workplace temperature is at about 21.7 to 22.2 C
  • For retailers, there is less stock damage due to humidity and heat.  Also customers are more likely to purchase due to a pleasant and controlled atmosphere.
  • Air conditioning units are more cost effective and less noisy than multiple fans.
  • Flexible temperature control.  As some days are hotter than others, with air conditioning units you can adjust and set the temperature, fans only distribute the existing air temperature.
  • Improved air quality. With an air conditioning unit, the air is filtered and purified, giving your employees and customers a healthier environment.
  • Dehumidifiers reduce moisture in the air without dropping the air temperatures.
  • Computers and other electrical equipment need cooling down too. Having a constant controlled temperature in an office reduces maintenance costs of large electric equipment
  • Happier, more comfortable employees means increased outputs and a reputation as a caring, healthy company

Our staff are fully trained to ensure you receive the correct portable unit(s) at a reasonable cost and for the most appropriate length of hire time. Depending on your needs we can also sell you the air conditioner unit.

Don’t get caught out this summer, when the weather heats up, make sure you have something to cool you down. Contact our partner Aircon Hire for more information

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  1. Claire - Simon Shirley Advisors Limited says:

    Hi – can you kindly send me a quote for renting a portable air conditioner unit?
    The office is 610 sq feet, and if you need any more details please call us on 01 6110622

    • HireHere says:

      Hi Claire
      apologies for the late reply. Can you call the hire desk on 014534288 and we can answer your questions


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