guide to using portable heaters Hire Here Ltd Dublin

Now that the weather has changed and the temperatures have dropped, portable heaters for outdoor areas or marquees become necessary.  However, heating outdoor areas is not as easy as it seems.  There are many factors to consider.

Types of Portable Heaters

Heaters can be split into 3 fuel types

  1. Electric
  2. Kerosene
  3. Propane

Electric heaters are the safest, quietest, and most reliable but they produce the least amount of heat. The majority cannot be run off an extension cable or generator which limits there use out doors or in marquees.

If you need to produce a lot of heat, quickly, kerosene and propane are the only way of doing this.  As they burn fossil fuels, they burn off the oxygen in the air and replace it with carbon monoxide. For this reason, they can only be used in well ventilated areas where a carbon monoxide alarm has been installed.

The blow heaters will force out a strong gust of warm air, the radiant heaters will heat the object they hit.

hire electric portable heaters dublin

The 3 kw electric blow heater we have is the most powerful heater you can get to plug into a normal 13 amp domestic socket

hire electric portable heaters dublin

If you are looking for a heater for commercial or industrial use, we have a 20 kw electric blow heater for hire. It is only suitable for use where 3 phase power is available

guide to using portable heaters Hire Here Ltd Dublin

Our medium 20 kw kerosene space heater is ideal for large open areas.

guide to using portable heaters Hire Here Ltd Dublin

Our indirect industrial kerosene heater is for use in areas which do not have ventilation. A duct hose connects to heater and is placed in the area to be heated. Fumes are released from the heater through a ventilation chimney

hire kerosene portable heaters dublin

Our small infra-red radiant kerosene heater is a 17 kw machine. It is a versatile heater as it weighs only 14kg

hire propane portable heaters dublin

Our industrial propane space heater is a 32 to 96 kw machine. This heater must only be used in areas which have good ventilation.

Spax screws now available at Hire Here

we now sell spax screws in our hardware shop on South Circular Road.

Heavy Duty Breaker Low Vibration

one of our large range of Hilti machines, this heavy duty breaker does not need a compressor

Lawn Care Products Available At Hire Here

a selection of lawn care products for hire, includes lawn scarifier, garden rotovator and chipper,
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