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Blow Heater 3KW

Blow Heater 3KW
Blow Heater 3KW
Blow Heater 3KW
Blow Heater 3KW
Blow Heater 3KW
Blow Heater 3KW
Blow Heater 3KW
€20 per day +VAT
€40 per week +VAT

Although small in size, these are the most powerful single phase heaters on the market today. There is not a more powerful heater that you can plug into a standard house socket.

Capable of being able to duct an impressive 5m, this unit offers 3kW of clean, dry heat from a tough steel body that's built to keep going. No fumes, no carbon monoxide risk.

In a winter flood situation, they are the ideal complement to our dehumidifiers to get an area up to a workable temperature.

Available in either 110v or 230v supply.

If you hire / are using the 110v, heater it must only be used with a vented transformer

This Heater comes as standard with a 1.5m cable.

As with all electrical heaters, the shorter the cable, the more efficient they are. This heater will not work off anything longer than 7m of cable.

These heaters are black element heaters which means that they increase the temperature of the air gradually, they do not blast out heat.

For this to be effective the heater needs to recirculate the heated air.

If the area is too large the heater will not be able to recirculate the air before it has cooled down preventing the heater from having much impact

Depending on the outside temperature and the size of the area to be heated, you may need multiple units.

For more information download the user instruction guide here 

Average Coverage
Well Insulated - House46 sqm
Average Insulation - Portakabin42 sqm
Badly Insulated - Warehouse19 sqm
Poorly Insulated - Marquee14 sqm

Suitable for

  • Offices
  • Building sites
  • Marquees and tents
  • Workshops
  • Storerooms
  • Garages
Power Supply230 v 13 amp or 110 v 32 amp 1 ph 50 Hz
Max Heat Capacity2625 kcal
Airflow Rate423m³/hr
Noise Level 1 metremax 50 dbA
Noise Level 3 metremax 45 dbA
Plug TypeBS1363 230 V or BS4343 32 amps 110 v
Dimensions H x W x D320mm x 300mm x 330mm
Power Consumptionmax 2.8 kw /hr
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