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Life Jacket Kids For Sale €45

Life Jacket Kids For Sale €45
Life Jacket Kids For Sale €45
€45 per day +VAT
€45 per week +VAT

Please Note, We Sell These Life Jackets, They Are Not For Hire

Sale Price is €45 Plus VAT

Ideal as a simple lifejacket for use in just about any kind of boat, also ideal as a safeguard for general use around water - for example around swimming pools, the beach etc!

The Europe lifejacket is designed to be comfortable to wear featuring a soft touch fabric. Comes with adjustable belt and crutch strap in seven sizes!

Provides great freedom of movement due to the divided foam buoyancy compartments. Has a flat collar, zip and belt, tie cords top and bottom, crutch strap, and signal whistle.

Also features 3M reflex stripes, which reflect searchlights to a distance of 1.2 miles.

Is CE certified and conforms to European standard EN395.

We also stock larger sizes see our adult life jacket section

Approximate weight 500g (30-40kg+).

Kids 100N Orange Foam Life jacket (4 sizes) 100N

Chest Sizes

10 kg- 15 kg20" to 24"30 n buoyancy
10 kg - 20 kg20" to 24"30 n buoyancy
20 kg -30 kg24" to 28"40 n buoyancy
30 kg - 40 kg26" to 30"50 n buoyancy

For larger sizes see our adult section.

All sizes are provided as a guide only - please email to check your size if you are between sizes or unsure!

No Scales? Below is a rough guide to the size of children in Ireland

The Charts given below indicate the height and weight averages of normally growing children.


3 Months6.0 kg61.1 cm
6 Months7.8 kg67.8 cm
9 Months9.2 kg72.3 cm
1 Year10.2 kg76.1 cm
2 Years12.3 kg85.6 cm
3 Years14.6 kg94.9 cm
4 Years16.7 kg102.9 cm
5 Years18.7 kg109.9 cm
6 Years20.7 kg116.1 cm
7 Years22.9 kg121.7 cm
8 Years25.3 kg127.0 cm
9 Years28.1 kg132.2 cm
10 Years31.4 kg137.5 cm

3 Months5.4 kg60.2 cm
6 Months7.2 kg66.6 cm
9 Months8.6 kg71.1 cm
1 Year9.5 kg75.0 cm
2 Years11.8 kg84.5 cm
3 Years14.1 kg93.9 cm
4 Years16.0 kg101.6 cm
5 Years17.7 kg108.4 cm
6 Years19.5 kg114.6 cm
7 Years21.8 kg120.6 cm
8 Years24.8 kg126.4 cm
9 Years28.5 kg132.2 cm
10 Years32.5 kg138.3 cm
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