In our building and DIY supplies section in our shop we have a range of Soudal Adhesives and Expanding foam for sale. These items and prices listed are for summer 2017

Soudal Fix All Polyurethane Adhesive   750ml

This is a ready to use self-expending polyurethane for use in a glue gun. It is suitable for the permanent bonding of insulation panels and lightweight wall and roof structures. Other uses include plaster board, concrete, stone, brick and timber.

The polyurethane glue will not go brittle and can be used to fill cavities in uneven surfaces. It has a one hour curing time, so it is ideal for projects which have a short turnaround time.

This canister is available as either a standalone or for use with a glue gun.

Prince €11 including VAT

Soudal fix all polyurethane glue

Soudal Soudafoam Comfort B3 Hand Held Foam  600ml

This self-expending polyurethane glue gun is ideal for window and door frames and sealing gaps in roof constructions.  For faster applications, this aerosol can be used with one hand due to the genius  gun trigger control mechanism. The self-expanding polyurethane based foam is resistant to water, heat and ageing. It can be used in both inside and outside areas.

Price – €8.30 including VAT

soudal soudafoam comfort b3

Soudal FFG FlexiFoam  750ml

The Flexifoam self-expending polyurethane foam is ready to use.  This canister needs to be used with a foam applicator gun.  It has high thermal and acoustic insulation properties.  The aerosol contains CFC  free propellants.

Price – €11 including VAT

Soudal polyurethane flexifoam

Soudal User Safety and Protection

When using any of these products or similar polyurethane canisters, we recommend the following

  • Use of suitable personal protection equipment such as gloves and safety goggles.
  • Make sure adjacent surfaces are protected and covered
  • The aerosols and canisters are stored with valves pointed upwards
  • Only use a polyurethane remover to remove excess dried foam or glue.
  • Once opened, aerosols and canisters must be cleaned after use and sealed corrected when stored

For more information about caring for polyurethane foam guns, heres a short video from Soudal Australia.

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