Hire Here Dublin Numatic carpet cleaner carpet shampooer for hire

Numatic carpet cleaner for hire

Carpet cleaning is something which we often forget about.  The numatic carpet cleaner is the machine of choice for professional companies but why pay them when you can hire from us.

This easy to use carpet cleaner has a 26.8 meter cleaning range and a 15 litre wet capacity.

Add to the life of your carpet by giving it a professional deep clean. When you walk on a dirty carpet, you are grinding the dirt against the carpet fibres. This causes wear and tear to the fibres.

Remove soil, mould spores, dust mites and other day to day dirt which builds up in the carpet fibres. Using a carpet cleaner removes the dirt you can see as well as the dirt you can’t see.

When you hire the Numatic CTD 570 carpet cleaner from us we give you a bottle of carpet shampoo too

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