Hire Here Dublin benefits of evaporative coolers

Evaporative Coolers Our Info-graphic explained

  1. Easy to maintain

Evaporative coolers just have a fan and water pump

2. Effective air filter

The evaporative pad can act as an air filter. It can remove varies types of air pollution and contaminants.  However this function may be lost in refrigeration based cooling systems if there is not enough humidity in the air to keep the evaporator pad wet.  It needs a constant flow to wash out the dissolved contaminates removed from the air.

3. Cheaper to run than air conditioners as the power supply  is only needed to run the fan and the water pump.  As the water vapour is not recycled,they do not need a compressor.

4. Better for the environment. Evaporative coolers only use water, so no chemical coolants are needed.

benefits of evaporative coolers Hire Here Ltd Dublin

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