In our building and DIY supplies section in our shop we have a range Tec 7 adhesives and sealants for sale. These items and prices listed are for summer 2017. Prices are including VAT

Tec7 Trans 7 Clear Sealant

A solvent free MS Polymer based sealant which is suitable for use on wet or damp surfaces. It is UV and weather resistant, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.


Price – €12.29

tec 7 trans 7 sealant hire here ltd dublin

Tec7 Gt 7 Multi-purpose Spray

Multi-purpose Spray which can be used as a cleaner, lubricant, moisture repellent or protective agent.


Price – €8.61

tec7 gt7 multipurpose spray lubricant hire here ltd dublin

Tec 7 Adhesive and Sealant

Waterproof , solvent free adhesive which can be used for bonding, mounting and sealing. Ideal for sealing baths, showers and sinks as it is mould resistant and antibacterial. Available in white, black or brown


Price – €10.89

Tec7 Pur 7 B2 Fire Retardant Expanding Foam

Suitable for use in the joints and cavities of walls, roof windows and brickwork


Price – €10.46

tec 7 b2 fire retardant expanding foam

Tec7 X Tack 7 Adhesive

Instant grab adhesive which can be used on most building materials. It is a solvent and odour free MS Polymer based adhesive suitable for use in closed spaces.


Price – €14.15

tec 7 x tack 7 adhesive hire here ltd dublin

Tec7 Roof 7

Permanent repair and immediate sealing for roofs.  It contains bitumen, butyl rubber and glass fibre. This sealant can be used on both dry and wet surfaces.


Price – €36.86

tec 7 roof 7 sealant hire here dublin

Numatic Carpet Cleaner

this handy numatic carpet cleaner for hire gives a professional clean to your carpet, call us on 014534288

Soudal Products now available at Hire Here

A selection of Soudal polyurethane foam and glue canisitors for use with glue guns for sale at Hire Here ltd,

Waterstop - Now Available At Hire Hire

Bostik waterstop a polymer based waterproofing liquid now onsale in our shop on South Circular Road,
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