Evaporative Cooler Large
Evaporative Cooler Large
Evaporative Cooler Large Evaporative Cooler Large
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If you are looking for a low cost and environmentally friendly cooling option for your home, evaporative coolers are the ideal choice. They cool the air by using water evaporation and a fan to produce a cool breeze.  The warm air is drawn into the cooler and passes through a wet honeycomb like filter.  This filter absorbs the heat and the fan then pushes the cool air out into the room.

Evaporative coolers are a natural cooling system which does not use compressors.

Ideal for Low Humidity Areas

These types of coolers work best in areas which have 60% humidity or less. They need a supply of warm, dry air to cool a room effectively.  Areas with dryer air will have a more noticeable temperature change as higher evaporation happens when there is low humidity.

Evaporative coolers are more than just a fan. They are not air conditioners. Air conditioners use a chemical cooling agent and a compressor to cool the air. Air conditioners need an outlet to release the hot air and they use far more energy than evaporative coolers.

Indoor and Outdoor Evaporative Air Cooler Specifications

  • Covers an area of 80sqm
  • UV and weather resistant for outdoor use
  • 1540 CFM Air Flow
  • Four castor wheels
  • Top loading ice compartment
  • 60 Litre water tank
  • 35cm fan blades
  • Oscillating louvers 

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