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Steel Trestles

Steel Trestles
Steel Trestles
€3 per day +VAT
€6 per week +VAT

Steel Builders Trestles or bandstands are used to support scaffold boards or lightweight stagings to form a work platform.

Ideal for Bricklaying, Plastering, Heavy Maintenance and Building Work.

When working at height with builders trestles, there is always a danger of falling. To prevent dangerous falls and to comply with Work At Height Regulations 2005 , a trestle platform should be equipped with a handrail system. A handrail system provides a safe working platform with safe ladder access. The system consists of handrail posts, Handrails, side or end gate, ladder bracket. The builder’s trestle system is a flexible work platform that is ideal for simple tasks in construction or maintenance projects. Setting it up is easy

Closed HeightExtended HeightWeight
Size 10.56m0.9m8kg
Size 21.25m2.1m18kg
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