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12 Apr Hire Here Ltd Covid 19 Information
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Now that the construction industry is returning in May, we are getting busier. Please be patient with us as we adjust to the increase in phone enquire..
10 Nov What Size Ladder Do I Need?
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Taking the time to pick right extension ladder can be a confusing decision. The easiest way to decide what size ladder you need is to figure out what ..
24 Sep How to sand a wooden floor
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HOW DO YOU SAND A WOODEN FLOOR?Our top 10 tips for sanding wooden floorsWhen sanding a floor always aim to remove the minimum amount of wood.Use only ..
30 Mar How To Use A Lawn Aerator
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USING A LAWN AERATOR 6 SIMPLE STEPSSTEP 1 DO I NEED TO USE A LAWN AERATOR?Does water not soak through your lawn?Is your grass not looking its best, wi..
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