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Drill SDS+ 4kg

Drill SDS+ 4kg
Drill SDS+ 4kg
Drill SDS+ 4kg
Drill SDS+ 4kg
Drill SDS+ 4kg
Drill SDS+ 4kg
Drill SDS+ 4kg
€23 per day +VAT
€69 per week +VAT

An all-round combi-hammer this Hilti TE30 machine has two gears and a chiselling function. Even under high load this drill maintains constant speed. With Hilti’s Active Vibration Reduction system, which reduces user fatigue, there is a high productivity level.

The machine is accurately balanced and low weight with a compact design for better user comfort.

It can be used in a variety of locations including

  1. Drilling anchor holes and through-holes in concrete and masonry with a diameter range of 4mm to 28mm. The recommended range is 8mm to 20mm
  2. Socket Cutting
  • In concrete and masonry using percussion core bits (66-82 mm diameter)
  • In brickwork and sand-lime block using diamond socket cutters (66-82 mm diameter)
  • In wood and drywall panels using hole saws (35-105 mm diameter)
  • Drilling in wood with 10-35 mm diameter formwork / installation bits
  • Drilling in wood and metal using the keyless chuck and drill bits with smooth shank up to 13 mm diameter.
  • Driving anchor screws and concrete screw anchors

Single Impact Energy3.3 J
Rotation Speed Gear 1 Under No Load750 tours / minute
Full Hammering  Frequency 4080  Impacts / minute
Contact Force 80 N
Optimum Drilling Diameter Range For Hammer Drilling Bits 10 -20 mm
Dimension L x W x H 379mm x  93mm x 213mm
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