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Magnetic Drill Med

Magnetic Drill Med
Magnetic Drill Med
Magnetic Drill Med
Magnetic Drill Med
Magnetic Drill Med
Magnetic Drill Med
Magnetic Drill Med
€35 per day +VAT
€105 per week +VAT

The Portable Magnetic Base Drill is the perfect tool for tackling power-hungry metal fabrication cutting tasks on the job site and in the workshop. When you have to drill holes through sheet steel, heavy plate or I-beam and the only option is to bring the tool to the job then the S28MAG is the right tool every time.

Compact and easy to carry, the 450rpm, 1200 Watt motor inside the S28 provides enough power to make light work of any drilling task. 1200kg of magnetic clamping force secures the drill in any position, on any job. With a small footprint, ambidextrous plunge handles and its own coolant source the Magnetic Drill is ready to go straight out of the box.

Motor 110 v 50 Hz1200 W
Speed No Load480 min-1
Number of Speeds1
Insulation Class1
Cable Length2.5m
Magnetic Adhesion1300 kg f
Maximum Annular Cutting Capacity28mm
Maximum Cutting Depth50mm
Cutter Shank19mm
Maximum Plate Thickness10mm
Magnet Dimension40 mm x 90mm x 180mm
Maximum Machine Height650mm
Minimum Machine Height420mm
Machine Width200mm
Dimensions275mm x 132mm x 338mm
Blow molded carry case dimensions570mm x 200mm x 450mm
Sound Pressure Level LPA91db(A) k:3db(A)
Sound Power Level LWA102db(A) k=3db(A)
Hand Arm Vibration2.41m /s2 k= 1.5m/s2

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