Rubbish Chute Sections
Rubbish Chute Sections
Rubbish Chute Sections
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These rubbish chute sections are ideal to remove wasted and rubble from high level. They are 1.2m in length and link together via chains to form the required overall length of chute. May be used with Top hopper and Side entry sections. 

Standard Rubbish Chute is an ideal way of transferring debris and rubble from the various levels of any building or structure to a builders skip. Installed onto a scaffold or if no scaffold available, a simple 'H' frame should be used at a window opening or roof parapet.

Standard Rubbish Chute consists of the following five basic components:

Standard plastic module: This item is the main component of all assemblies. Each unit is 1m effective working length and comes complete with two fixing / support chains.

Damage Resistant - The superior grade of high-density polyethylene used in our rubbish chutes ensure maximum resistance to abrasion and will not crack even in extreme temperatures.

Lightweight - Unlike some rubbish chutes, which, being made from inferior material can weigh over 15Kg each, our sections weigh only 8Kg.

Stacks Easily - AKM Rubbish Chute sections are 1100mm high and taper from 500 to 400mm. This ensures flexibility and easy stacking - valuable space is saved.

Easily Erected - Either by hand or purpose designed winch systems our range of rubbish chutes are ready for use in minutes.

Height 110mm
Diameter 500mm
Diameter (bottom) 400mm


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